Consultataion and Site Analysis

The initial consult visit is a face-to-face meeting where the scope of the project is discussed including goals, basic desires and potential for the garden space. We also discuss the realities of the site and the client’s budget.

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Conceptual Plans

The conceptual design plan illustrates ideas as discussed during the initial consultation with the client. This design includes images of building materials and a plant palette.

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Planting Plans

A planting plan uses a convenient, easy to understand planting schedule to outline the ideal placement of each flower, tree, or shrub. Information regarding the best sizes and colors for your landscape planting design, as well as the exact number of plants you will need is also included.

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Hardscape Plans

Adding hardscaping to your landscape is an ideal way to expand your home’s living area outdoors. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, hardscaping is the addition of non-living materials into a landscape, materials such as wood, stone, metal, and concrete. Hardscape features serve as compliments to your “softscaping,” that is the trees, shrubs, and flowers that provide natural beauty.

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Patios and Walkways

Patios can serve as an extension of your home if installed close to an entry in and out of the house, rather than an island in the middle of your yard. Most homeowners want to enjoy some privacy with their patios and so generally situate them in the back of the house; however, some social families are now choosing to install patios in the front of their homes as a convenient gathering spot for impromptu neighborhood socials.

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Power Washing and Snow Removal

We are prepared to handle all of your pressure cleaning and snow removal service needs. Whatever the job, we have the tools and equipment to tackle any commercial, residential, industrial facililty.

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